Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Rigidity

Before I write i must thank Dear Akanksha For propelling me into blogging as i have always looked at blogging as a real liability in today's fast world. But as they say Minds are like parachutes,they function only when they are open. So on that note i must Bring to focus how clogged our minds have become with all our" cultural values" and great traditions.

All our values were shaped by the simple thinking Aryans who came to India with a zeal for life. They had fun and danced , sang and made merry and laid down a few rules owing to their imaginative mind . But never were these Cultures and boundaries meant to be " u follow me or you'll be hanged " traditions.They were simple guidelines. I do not advocate that we should disgrace our culture ,what i want to point out is that these traditions have become more sophisticated than they were ever before and have led to the a few undesirable societal ills. The fear that something ill-fated might happen if we don't follow this or follow that has led to our exploitation ,the caste system has further corrupted our revered politicians and the whole system is one without a proper backbone. We have always been good because we "fear". We have forgotten how to enjoy life,how to play in our lawns ,n how to watch the butterflies flying. We say we are morally n culturally upright and maybe an adult should be like this or a child should be like that but in reality this thought process is just a veil to guise our rigidity. As one dear friend Shaurya calls it..." thought clot". He is right. We have a thought clot n we cannot express ourselves in this framework of rigidity and fear .This is very unfortunate as I am sure that we all crave for freedom and we just celebrated our independence day. But Of what use is external freedom without the freedom to let your voice be heard. Why should i be an IAS officer to exercise my will?? and why can't i cry if i am boy?? or play with toys if i want to?? Maybe Thats the way of the society ....but maybe we can twist these stone clad rules a little bit....what say?


  1. hmm..well said anurag bt u shud hav also emphasized on d distinction of culture and superstitions...and superstitions is not our culture..

    else gr8 blog..its nice i have abloggin friend

  2. What a great thought! I've nothing 2 contradict but ve something 2 ask, has any f these (aryan) culture n tradition,stopped u 4m thinking n doing something my view ts no more a scenario. These r rigid only 4 the soft ones.